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Exhibiting in Cobo Center is easier than ever with new rules, new rates and new attitudes. Need to broadcast your event? The new Cobo Broadcast Studio if fully equipped to broadcast your event globally. Need attendance building tools? Cobo's new video board communicatons system with interior and giant exterior video boards gets your message across. WiFi is free facility wide and our fiber-optic IT network spans the building.

From detailed floor plans and room configurations to a complete listing of our food & beverage, technology services and other essential services, you’ll find it all here. If you need additional assistance please contact your event manager anytime.

cobo center security

Security measures established for each event in Cobo Center support the entire event ecosystem. A united effort to mitigate risks through preparedness, security and safety measures is put in place to provide protection and peace of mind to all visitors. Pre-event planning ensures that Cobo Center security is working effectively with your event security agency to create an environment of safety and hospitality for all attendees.

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technology services in cobo center

Thanks to the recent $279 million renovation, a broadcast studio, digital signage, Internet and Wi-Fi upgrades, and an extensive fiber network represent meaningful change in the business model for providing Internet services to attendees, exhibitors and show management. The new Technology Services department at Cobo Center is now in place to provide customers with state-of-the-art technology supported by a dedicated in-house team.

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cobo center in-house av services

Premier Event Technology is Cobo Center's preferred AV supplier. With over 20 years of industry experience and on-site inventory, Premier is your best choice for audio-visual presentations.

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