Cobo Cares

Everyone employed in Cobo Center is invited and encouraged to participate in the community engagement events hosted by Cobo during the year.  Opportunities to work in an environment that encourages personal development and active participation in the continued success of the facility are afforded to everyone.

Community Engagement

The Cobo Cares program is ongoing during the spring, summer and fall seasons, providing free exercise, networking and community engagement opportunities for the local downtown community. Activities like Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi are coupled with opportunities to give back to local non profits that support the areas needy such as Forgotten Harvest and COTS.


Activities are conducted on the venue's outdoor terrace, Cobo Square, in view of the 4,000 square-foot marquee digital sign, which is sometimes incorporated into the festivities in creative and interactive ways.


During inclement weather, the activities are inside in the beautiful 30,000 square-foot, three-story glass atrium, overlooking the Detroit River. The addition of locally sourced music, fashion, wine tasting and craft beer often add to the Cobo Cares community ambience.

Volunteerism And Community Beautification

Each year, Cobo Center employees along with their friends, family and other invested community members participate in year-round beautification efforts for the downtown Detroit area. Volunteers help clean around homes, businesses, churches and schools, and board up vacant houses. The planting of flowers, plants or trees also is encouraged.


Cobo Center staff (above) honored the memory of Delores Bennett, founder of Adopt a Child for Christmas, a program that shared the joy of the holiday with thousands of Detroit area children in Cobo Center for more than 20 years. Joined by other community groups, Cobo staff cleaned up the Delores Bennett Park. Cobo Center staff returns periodically to the Delores Bennett Park to continue to maintain the park.

2019 Cobo Cares Season (subject to change)

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