Cobo Cares

The Cobo Cares program in Cobo Center is an array of activities and programs designed to engage the local Detroit and global events communities. 

  • Health and fitness events open to the public, event attendees and employees

  • Community engagement events offering local volunteer opportunities

  • Rigorous Anti-Human Trafficking Program 

  • Naming sponsor, Chemical Bank, adds caring with financial opportunities and free education sessions to the public 

  • Mamava nursing pods, gender neutral bathrooms and a comprehensive accessibility program 

  • The Pure Detroit Shop on the concourse of Cobo Center 

  • As the economic engine for the Southeast Michigan community, Cobo Center is proud of its record in providing jobs and job fairs to local residents

Community Engagement

The Cobo Cares health and fitness program is ongoing during the spring, summer and fall seasons, providing free exercise, networking and community engagement opportunities for the local downtown community. Activities like Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi are coupled with opportunities to give back to local non profits that support the areas needy such as Forgotten Harvest and COTS.


Activities are conducted on the venue's outdoor terrace, Cobo Square, in view of the 4,000 square-foot marquee digital sign, which is sometimes incorporated into the festivities in creative and interactive ways.


During inclement weather, the activities are inside in the beautiful 30,000 square-foot, three-story glass atrium, overlooking the Detroit River. The addition of locally sourced music, fashion, wine tasting and craft beer often add to the Cobo Cares community ambience.

2019 Cobo Cares Fitness Event Season 

(subject to change)

2019 Schedule3.jpg

Volunteerism And Community Beautification

Each year, Cobo Center employees along with their friends, family and other invested community members participate in year-round beautification efforts for the downtown Detroit area. Volunteers help clean around homes, businesses, churches and schools, and board up vacant houses. The planting of flowers, plants or trees also is encouraged.


Cobo Center staff (above) honors the memory of Delores Bennett, founder of Cobo Center's annual Adopt a Child for Christmas event, a program that shares the joy of the holiday with thousands of Detroit area children in Cobo Center. Joined by other community groups, Cobo staff cleans up the Delores Bennett Park and returns periodically to continue to help maintain the park.

Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

Human trafficking is an enormous problem, particularly for the event industry.  Knowing the importance to identify warning signs of people caught in human trafficking rings and contributing to the eradication of the problem, the Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Cobo Center provides education for employees, suppliers and visitors to the venue. 

Cobo leadership rigorously engages the Detroit law enforcement task force and downtown Detroit hoteliers in identifying and apprehending human trafficking activity during events. All information and reports are immediately turned over to the local FBI office for further investigation. To date, we are proud to say the these efforts have led to several arrests and disruption to the human trafficking organizations.

Find information on our Human Trafficking Policy HERE


Chemical Bank and Cobo Center Care

Chemical Bank announced the award of the naming rights to Cobo Center in early 2019, cementing a partnership that brings enormous resources to the Cobo Cares program. Throughout the Metro Detroit area, Chemical Bank provides funding for neighborhood development, stabilization and revitalization, free job training, and reduced and discounted banking products for city workers. 

Cobo Center and Chemical Bank offer financial education and counseling sessions to families to alleviate tax foreclosures, access mortage assistance, and help people and neighborhoods develop good money management skills allowing them to make informed financial decisions, empowering them to take control of their financial future. The sessions provide an introduction to banking as well as home ownership and credit basics targeted to low and moderate income individuals.

The 22 year naming rights contract for Cobo Center means many more opportunities like these for local Detroit residents are expected to be offered in the venue in the near future. Stay tuned!

Cobo Center As Economic Engine for Detroit

As the 17th largest U.S. convention center and the largest event venue in Detroit, Cobo Center is proud of its record in providing an ever increasing number of jobs to local Southeast Detroit residents over the past decade.

Several local unions operate in Cobo Center to provide services to events in the venue, including: Electricians; Teamsters/Ironworkers; Carpenters; Stagehands; Janitors; Food Service Workers; Security. Along with the Cobo Center operations and capital improvements team, this ever growing workforce provides decent work and economic growth to employees. The number of employees at any one time in Cobo fluctuates with events. For example, during the annual North American International Auto Show, 3,500 people are employed in the venue. Cobo Center is currently hosting 250 events a year.


Gender Equality and Inclusion

Cobo Center is an equal opportunity employer committed to supporting a diverse workforce. Numerous events in Cobo Center support gender equality and LGBTQ rights. Cobo Center is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant center. We make it a priority to welcome and accommodate all guests.

Gender neutral bathrooms are available for events. Consult your event manager for details.

Two Mamava lactation pods are always in place in Cobo Center, and can be moved near events in the facility as requested. They are a clean, private and accessible option to meet the needs of nursing mothers in the venue. Ask the information desk on the concourse for details.


Pure Detroit in Cobo Center

The Pure Detroit shop is located on the concourse next to the Business Center, a retail space offering a full range of Detroit made products, music and art, connecting visitors from all over the world to the culture and hospitality of Detroit.

Pure Detroit web.jpg