Green Initiatives

The Cobo Center commitment to environmental stewardship in our community is demonstrated by our continuous efforts to investigate, validate and implement new and innovative Green initiatives throughout the facility, and by our programs designed to educate our employees, vendors, customers, partners and visitors in the importance of the sustainability of our environment.

Cobo Center is a green venues michigan certified facility

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  • The Cobo Center Green Committee meets several times monthly to promote sustainability practices and Green initiatives, and has members from every department and in-house contracting company.
  • The glass-enclosed Concourse area on the main level and the third floor corridor glass ceiling provide enough natural light during daytime hours to minimize main hallway daytime lighting throughout Cobo Center.
  • Induction lighting is currently installed in Cobo Center with an expected 40% reduction in electric usage for lighting.
  • Cobo Center is air conditioned by pumping grey water from the Detroit River through chillers that then send the cool water to various air handlers, providing cooling to zoned areas in the Center. This system uses considerably less electricity than conventional air conditioning units.
  • All main hall lighting and heat/cool settings are computer programmed and managed.
  • Paper, aluminum can and plastic bottle recycling containers are placed in all office areas and high traffic meeting areas throughout the Center for aggressive recycling.
  • Escalators in the building are being replaced with energy efficient, Kone EcoMod units. All escalators run based on occupancy and event needs.
  • All in-house contractors participate in Center recycling and Green initiatives.
  • The current Cobo Center $299 million facility upgrade scheduled for completion in 2015 plans to incorporate numerous green building components.
  • The Cobo Center housekeeping staff uses products that are environmentally safe and non-toxic.
  • All pallets are recycled to a local area vendor.
  • Centerplate, the Cobo Center exclusive food and beverage contractor collects prepared food that has not been served for pick up by Forgotten Harvest, a local company that delivers the food to pantries, soup kitchens and shelters throughout Southeastern Michigan.

cobo center is the proud recipient of the 2014 ecoworks sustainable communities champion award


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