Discover Detroit

Detroit is a big city on the rise - with culture, history, entertainment, beautiful buildings, grit and determination.  The Cobo Center waterfront is a phenomenal experience.  It is an enormous natural asset.  Situated on the bank of the mighty Detroit River, Cobo overlooks Windsor, Ontario and is an international destination.  This is a different Detroit.

Visitor Safety Is Our Priority

The Downtown Detroit Project, with its ongoing efforts to provide safety, lighting and code enforcement, and Project Lighthouse, a private/public collaboration of business and public safety departments, has created a security force in downtown Detroit that is unique in the nation and equal to none.

The Downtown Detroit Project is a private/public partnership of corporate and civic leaders that supports, advocates and develops programs and initiatives that create a clean, vibrant, safe, beautiful, inviting and economically strong Downtown Detroit community. The public partners are the City of Detroit and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Their Safety, Lighting and Code Enforcement program supports an environment that provides residents, workers and visitors personal safety with: a uniformed presence on downtown streets; an improved perception and realization of public order created by clean streets and sidewalks, well-maintained landscaping, public spaces and streetscape elements; good lighting; elimination of blight using tools such as stringent code enforcement.

Project Lighthouse is a collaboration of all security and law enforcement agencies in the downtown Detroit area including Homeland Security, the US Coast Guard, FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, state, county and city police departments and all private security companies. By leveraging technology resources, information and personnel records, a cooperative surveillance effort exists across the city 24/7/365. This effort creates:

  • courtesy patrols in downtown Detroit
  • crime mapping and analysis
  • a superior camera and video network
  • 30 lighthouse facilities established to help people in an emergency

Cobo Center is an established lighthouse facility in downtown Detroit and fully collaborates with Project Lighthouse.

Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters

The Infinity and Ovation yachts can be conveniently docked on the Detroit River near the Atwater entrance to Cobo Center.  Entertaining between 40 – 300 guests, these beautiful yachts can be chartered for customer & employee events, trade show afterparties, sponsor appreciations, or just enjoying a phenomenal dining experience on the river aboard one of Detroit’s most exclusive entertainment venues.  Click here for the Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters website. 

Cobo Center Detroit Shoppe

Retail shopping of made-in-Detroit merchandise is available on the concourse of Cobo Center compliments of the Detroit Shoppe, a non-profit agency that donates proceeds to local charities and cultural institutions.  The Somerset Foundaton operates the store, and the sponsorship of Southeastern Michigan Lincoln Dealers and Quicken Loans support it.

Detroit area iconic brands like Vernors, Sanders, Motown, Germack, Bettermade, Pewabic Pottery, Faygo, along with memorable Detroit photographs and artifacts are featured in the Detroit Shoppe.  Their mission is to "showcase the people, places, products that have shaped our great city, and to donate every penny of every dollar earned from the sale of our products to those people and places that will continue to keep our city moving."

Visitors from all over the world are able to buy made-in-Detroit merchandise during major events in Cobo Center, to take home, share with loved ones, and continue the ongoing legacy of Detroit.

Downtown Detroit is a rare jewel of the Midwest and exciting to discover. The People Mover, with a station on the third floor of Cobo Center, has stops at the most enjoyable parts of the city. We encourage visitors to take full advantage of the culture, history and attractions in “the D” during their stay.

The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau has the complete and current library of attractions and events in today’s Detroit.